Tea Light 4-pack

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Our soy wax tea light candles are a great way to add a touch of scent and flicker of light to a small space. Or sample a scent before committing to the bigger version. 

Each tea light is labeled with the scent and the 4-pack comes in a small bag.
Candle Size: .5oz tealight in clear plastic (recyclable) cup
Burn time: approximately 4.5 hours each

*Free Shipping with the purchase of 3 packs*

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous and inexpensive way to test run your scents

If you feel unsure about ordering a larger candle the tea lights are a great way to go. Easy to order in 4 pack assortments. I just took advantage of the 20 pack assortment and I’m glad I did- there are scents I wouldn’t have thought to try but are wonderful


I first found EKP creations from Recircle Home and was obsessed with their scents! I then decided to purchase 4 sets of different scents of tea lights and they were amazing! Not having smelled them in person I hoped for the best and loved all of them! I even got a sample of some different scents which I plan on ordering as well!