'Musk + Wood' Tea Light Combo Pack

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Our Musk + Wood Collection. Cedar, Driftwood, Sandalwood, Amber, Teak, Patchouli - all of the components that make the candles in this collection some of our best sellers.

Four (4) Pack of scented Tea Lights -
Mix + Match scents OR choose a set of four of the same scent.

AMBER + OAKMOSS: rich woody + musk base and an enchanting fusion of herbs and amber 
EGYPTIAN AMBER: musky + light, warm + sensual
NAG CHAMPA: like the incense, with notes of patchouli + musk – this is a classic scent
SANDALWOOD + FIRE: musky + woody with a touch of campfire smoke
TEAKWOOD + TOBACCO: sophisticated + sexy, a favorite of men + women