Fruit Tea Light 4-Pack: Bergamot Ginger, Cranberry Apple Spice, Grapefruit + Peach, Lemon Verbena, Muddled Mint, Pineapple Coconut, Tangerine Mango

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In addition to smelling fresh and clean, citrus and fruit scents can help you feel energized and also reduce stress! Great for your living room, bedroom or even an office space, these candles are a lovely addition to any space.

BERGAMOT GINGER: a bit of citrus and a touch of spice
CRANBERRY APPLE SPICE: a luscious blend of cranberries, spiced apples, and orange peel
GRAPEFRUIT + PEACH: fresh burst of exotic citrus with a touch of sweetness
LEMON VERBENA: bold, clean, lemon fresh
MUDDLED MINT: Cool + fresh with notes of mint and a touch of pineapple
PINEAPPLE + COCONUT: an explosion of tropical fruit + sunshine
TANGERINE MANGO: a yummy mix of candied citrus fruits - Volcano candle lovers? This scent is for you!

**Scent availability may vary by season