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Clean + Fresh

Our Clean + Fresh collection are scents that we like to burn any time of year. Great for bathroom, living room, outdoors or office, these are great gifts for anyone and are a perfect living room accent.

BERGAMOT GINGER: a bit of citrus and a touch of spice come together in this unique scent
BROWN SUGAR + FIGwarm, sweet + inviting
COTTON + IRIS: airy and fresh, clean with a just a hint of floral
EUCALYPTUS MINT: relaxing + refreshing mix of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass + musk
FRESH COFFEEdark, roasted coffee-bean scent with a hint of sugar
OCEAN BREEZEget swept away with this refreshing, airy scent
SANTAL + COCONUT: soft and beachy with a hint of musk
WHITE SAGE: earthy + herbal with hints of lavender and rosemary

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