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Scent List

Year Round Favorites
Amber + Oakmoss  This sensual combination features the warm, honey-like scent of amber, grounded with the deep-woodsy influence of oakmoss. A touch of sage adds an herbal element, giving an extra dimension to this beautifully sophisticated aroma.

Blood Orange + Lavender  Walking into a room filled with the lively burst of blood orange, balanced by the soft scent of lavender is an immediate delight. Perfect on a warm summer afternoon, or with a nice warm bath at the end of the week.

Cactus Flower  A bright, lively, botanical fragrance, succulent as the first tender buds of spring emerging from their winter sleep. Sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, while base notes of patchouli ground it with a pleasing earthiness.

Cedarwood + Vanilla  An uplifting, warm, creamy, woody scent that is great for people who don't like sweet or floral fragrances. Elegant and luxurious, it's a beautifully balanced scent that you’ll want to burn through every season.

Egyptian Amber  A refined fragrance with an irresistible appeal. The warmness of amber fuses with a musky sandalwood and rich vanilla base. Soft, yet warm and sophisticated.

Eucalyptus Mint  Find your zen with this restorative fusion of invigorating peppermint and the rejuvenating aroma of eucalyptus. Sit back, relax, and breathe in this refreshing scent as inviting notes of lemongrass and cedarwood lightly float through the air.

Fresh Coffee   Rise and shine with a fresh cup o’ joe - in a candle! Dark roasted coffee beans and just a spoonful of sugar makes this scent a perfect addition to your daily routine. Smell, sip, and get ready to take on the day like the badass you are!

Lovely Lavender  Take a breather and pamper yourself with the ultimate scent of relaxation. Featuring the enchanting aroma of soothing lavender sprigs, this fragrance transports us to the bountiful lavender meadows of France. Perfect for any space and any person that can benefit from some self-care after a long day.

Nag Champa   Put your records on the turntable and hang loose with this scent of classic Indian incense. Transport yourself back to record stores of the 60’s with the scent of earthy patchouli and dark musk. Can you dig it, man?

Plumeria + Lily  Say “aloha” to this blooming bouquet of delicate florals with hints of fresh fruit. The soft aroma of plumeria blossoms unite with the sweet juiciness of the guava fruit to create a tropical, floral delight.

Sandalwood + Cedar  The musk of antique sandalwood melds with the uninhibited, earthy notes of driftwood, cedar and leather to create the feeling of sipping whisky in the study with some classic fiction or perhaps under the stars next to the campfire.  

Santal + Coconut  This is the beach vibe you have been waiting for. It’s warm and relaxing with just enough coconut to remind you of your favorite suntan lotion, but it’s soothing and cozy enough to have in your house all year long.

Sea Salt + Orchid  Take it easy and unwind with this beautifully soft scent. Delicate floral notes of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley linger around the crispness of fresh sea salt. This elegant blend has year-round appeal, inviting feelings of relaxing summer afternoons by the ocean.

Tangerine + Mango   This scent smells like a vacation to the tropics. It’s the ultimate in Staycation accessories. The citrusy aroma of tangerine fuses the juicy, fruity scents of mango and papaya in this tantalizing combination.

Teakwood + Tobacco   This sexy scent is sure to light anyone’s fire. Teakwood leads with bold hints of ginger and pepper, while lingering tones of musky tobacco allures the senses. Fill your home with this sensual and sophisticated scent for a much deserved night in. 

Tonka + Oud Perfect for any occasion, room or time of year, this rich and delicious scent is sure to fill your space with comfort and as the sweet scent of tonka combines with rich oud for a perfect fragrance everyone will enjoy.

White Tea + Jasmine  Create a fresh and soothing atmosphere with this exquisite mixture of soft florals and citrus. A luxurious blend of delicate jasmine blossoms, combined with the uplifting properties of bergamot and mandarin, elevates any open space into a lush, ethereal environment.


Fall + Winter Scents

Apples + Maple Bourbon Surround yourself in the essence of a cozy autumn retreat, where the air is filled with the enticing blend of orchard-fresh apples, warm spices, and the velvety sweetness of bourbon and maple syrup. It's an invitation to savor the simple pleasures of life, wrapped in the comforting embrace of seasonal delights.

Blue Spruce + Cypress  Bundle up and take a hike through the winter woods with this punchy, bright scent. You’ll feel surrounded by freshly chopped trees, cold air and sunshine.

Cardamom + Cream 
 From cookies and cakes to warm, homemade bread, cardamom is a spice that brings warmth and depth to many dishes. This scent infuses rich cream with cardamom, cinnamon, and chestnut for a delightfully unique treat.

Cinnamon Stick  This richly spiced scent marries together cinnamon leaf, toasted nutmeg and crushed clove to create a bold and cozy aroma. A comforting blend to snuggle up next to a crackling fire with!

Cranberry Apple Spice  A mouthwatering blend of luscious cranberries and baked apples complement the warm touches of cinnamon and clove in this fragrance. Tart, but still sweet, this aroma will remind you of mulled wine on a brisk winter day.

Crisp Apple  
A juicy Macintosh apple aroma that smells so fresh, it’s like you picked it right off the tree! Mingled together with notes of green leaves and luscious pear, you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of an apple orchard.

Cypress + Evergreen 
 With its strong notes of Cypress right on top, this scent is a nod to the Fraser Fir trees that are a favorite at Christmastime. It is perfect for setting a festive holiday mood or creating a cozy ambience for a quiet winter evening by the fire.

Fresh Pine  Transport yourself to the heart of a forest, where the interplay of spices, citrus, and woody elements creates an enchanting symphony of scents. It's a comforting and revitalizing experience, perfect for those who seek a connection with nature and a touch of nostalgia in every breath.

Ginger + Spice  Get your Fall + Holiday vibes all together in this one wonderful scent. Blending ginger, clove and allspice with sweater weather, baking, and everything nice to create the perfect seasonal aesthetic.

Leather + Oak   Familiar and distinct. With bold notes of leather, a hint of smokiness and a dash of sexy. This feels like a large reading room in an old home, with worn leather chairs, a glass of whiskey, smoldering cigars, a little jazz and a classic novel.

Mulled Wine  Transport yourself to the heart of a holiday gathering, where the air is filled with the delightful blend of spices, fruits, and the comforting presence of red wine. It's a celebration of warmth, togetherness, and the simple pleasures of life.

Rosemary + Sage  Breathe deep the amazing aroma of bold, earthy fresh-from-the-garden rosemary, combined with the crisp scent of thyme, sage and eucalyptus. A relaxing, herbal scent, perfect to decompress with at the end of the day.

Spiced Chai  Cozy up with this delightful blend of cinnamon and clove. Our Spiced Chai fragrance invites feelings of ease and harmony, a perfect way to start your morning or relax at the end of the day. Inhale hints of vanilla and orange, exhale all the stress of the day.

Spiced Pumpkin  It’s our guilty pleasure Fall scent, a classic pumpkin spice scent that ushers in the season of sweaters and fancy coffee drinks and shorter days and lots of dessert. This one isn’t too sweet, but focuses more on the cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

White Sage + Lavender  A strong blend of herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods, this is a rich herbal fragrance blend. Whether you are cleansing a space, charging your crystals or enjoying a bath, this scent will be the perfect companion.

Spring + Summer Scents

Beachwood + Seabreeze Crisp and airy coastal scent with a twist of fresh green notes. It's a pleasant and soothing scent good anytime of the year.

Grapefruit + Peach 
This sweet and tangy medley features a bold citrus punch from fresh, zesty grapefruit, balanced with soft notes of sweet peach. An exciting, exotic blend that delights the senses.

Lemon Verbena  A bold, zesty scent perfect to refresh any space! Rejoice in the cheerful aroma of fresh lemon, crisp lemongrass, and just a touch of sweetness. A delightful citrus scent ideal for your spic-and-span kitchen or bathroom!

Magnolia + Peony  Delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this fragrance oil captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia. Get swept away into beautiful bouquets with this one!

Mandarin + Mimosa  Bubbly and refreshing, this scent will brighten up your home with bursts of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit. A slight sweetness brings a lovely balance to this summertime treat.

Ocean Breeze  A calming, airy aroma that sweeps you away to a coastal beach cottage. The aroma of clean sea air woven together with luscious honeydew melon smells like the refreshing air after a rainstorm by the ocean.