Refill YOUR Short Label Candle

Regular price $21.00

Want to keep using your favorite bottle? 

One of the perks of soy wax is that it's easy to clean out of the glass containers. We know that some of your bottles have special meaning, and some are just really pretty. We love taking recycling to the next level and giving our awesome customers, like you, incentive to do so. **Refills are $5 OFF**

Purchase refill(s), send back your empty(s), and save money!

Here’s how we do it

  • Choose whichever scent you want - You DO NOT have to refill with same scent!
  • Ship your empty bottle(s) to us

            EKP Creations
            1610 E. Wilshire Avenue
            Santa Ana, CA 92704

  • Once we receive your empty bottle(s), we will refill it and get it back to you